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PerMix Engineering Team Presents: How To Choose Between Horizontal Or Vertical Mixing?

Both of the mixers are generally used to mix dry powders and most often end users are confused as to which mixer would be suitable for them?

A ribbon mixer is a horizontal blender that is used to mix the dry powders gently. A ribbon mixer consists of inner and outer ribbons, where the outer ribbon continuously lifts the material and passes it to inner ribbons where they are traversed axially.

Cone Screw mixer is a vertical mixer that is used to mix the dry powders even more gently as compared to the ribbon mixer. Here the materials are mixed with the help of the self-rotation screw which lifts the material from the bottom of the cone to the top and then the materials fall down by gravity.

Here are some of the factors one should consider before choosing between Ribbon Blender and Vertical Cone Screw Blender:

Area Available: Ribbon mixer occupies more footprint area as compared to the Vertical Cone Screw mixer but headspace required for the same is higher.

Cost: Capital cost of Vertical Cone Screw Mixer is higher as compared to that of the ribbon mixer. But, the power cost required to run the ribbon blender is greater than required for Vertical Cone Screw mixer.

Discharge: Ideally speaking Vertical Cone Screw blender can give 100% of the discharge as compared to some of the leftovers in the ribbon mixer.

Contamination: A ribbon mixer has a higher chance of contamination due to the presence of packing gland in the product zone. So, if contamination is affecting the product adversely and product quality is of great importance than one can shift to the Vertical Cone Screw blender.

Operation: If one needs to operate with the batches only occupying 20-30% of mixer volume then one can opt for Vertical Cone Screw blender. Cause unlike Ribbon blender, they don’t have a requirement of minimum volume.

Gentle mixing: For the friable material, the Vertical Screw Cone blender offers gentler mixing as compared to the Ribbon blender.

Cleaning: While mixing reactive materials in batches, cleaning becomes essential. Vertical Cone Screw Mixer provides easier and complete clean up as opposed to Ribbon blender where there are chances of product leftover.


PerMix Ribbon Mixers Meet The Demands Of Low Overhead/Confined Space Installation

PerMix Ribbon Mixers Solve The Solution To Pneumatic Conveying Piping

PerMix’s Engineering Team was tasked with designing a ribbon mixer that allowed a large ribbon mixer to be installed in a confined space with minimal clearances while also allowing for pneumatic conveying to be connected & have the ability to expose interior of the ribbon mixer for inspection. What the team came up with was a sliding cover that met the needs of everyone, creating a solution that was perfect.

In addition to the cover, the mixer also featured our “Stub Shaft Design” which allows for the ribbon to be mounted in a sanitary style while also allowing for the mixer to be easily removed and re-installed in under 30 minutes. Our “Stub Shaft Design” is perfect for high production areas where ease of maintenance is key.

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PerMix Fluidized Zone Mixer

Disruptive By Nature, Driven By Perfection, Our Single Shaft Fluidized Paddle Mixers Lead The Industry In Performance, Quality, &. Price.

When you need to mix products of different densities quickly and aggressively yet gently with minimal to no shear, the Fluidized Zone Mixer gets the job done. Available in a dual shaft or single shaft, the Fluidized Zone Mixer is quickly replacing the Ribbon Mixer across the globe. More efficient, easier to clean, the Fluidized Zone Mixer will increase production while decreasing labor, which is necessary in today’s world of labor crisis, and returning a quick ROI.

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PerMix Ribbon Mixer Bulk Bag Loading Dust Control/Collection

PerMix Engineerng Team Presents: Ribbon & Paddle Mixer Bulk Bag Loading Solutions

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry in innovation, performance, quality, & providing custom solutions to customer’s needs on any budget. Budget is the keyword there and not everyone has the budgets of Fortune 500 companies. We here at PerMix understand this and this is what drives us every day, creating custom-engineered products that meet the needs of today, keeping in mind the demands of the future.

Here is our sanitary ribbon mixer with a bulk bag loading canopy with dust control/collection. The customer was on a budget and the loading of the machine was very labor-intensive and was filled by manually dumping of bulk ingredients that were bagged into mixer. The need to reclaim the dust and control it was necessary and PerMix created a cost-effective way to achieve this. The product that is collected in the dust collector can then be reclaimed for later use if desired.

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PerMix Sigma Mixers Perfect Plant-Based Protein Meat Alternatives

Plant-Based Protein Foods: When Taste, Texture, & Aroma Mean Marketshare

In the category of plant-based protein food alternatives it is all about taste, texture, & aroma, and how it compares to its natural meat alternative. How close it is to its counterpart is key and what wins market share against the competition.

No one understands this more than PerMix. Plant-Based proteins require more processing than their natural alternative, up to 3 times as much. The ability to process the ingredients and do it efficiently is crucial when preserving texture, taste, & aroma. There are so many ingredients & additives in these mixtures, it is easy to overprocess the mixture during manufacturing. PerMix has the experience needed to ensure your formula is processed with perfection.

Our Sigma Mixers & Sigma Mixer Extruders are designed to flip &. fold the ingredients creating a coarse or a fine texture, depending on your desires. The ability to add ingredients, remove moisture quickly under vacuum, and mix while cooking is what separates us from the others. Combine that with our ability to also cool & extrude make PerMix Sigma Mixers & Sigma Extruders a winning combination our customers count on when taking on the competition.

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