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Month: November 2021

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PerMix Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers Meet The Demands Of Newly Weds Foods

PerMix single shaft fluidized zone mixers are high-performance powder mixers that are perfect for food manufacturing facilities & bakeries. The single shaft mixers feature all the advantages of the dual shaft fluidized zone mixers yet have a smaller footprint, fitting perfectly where ribbon mixers used to be in the production line.

Why are so many production lines replacing their ribbon mixers with fluidized zone mixers? Because of their high performance, low/no shearing capabilities, yet mixing times are reduced by 50-75% when compared to ribbon mixers. This allows companies to increase production with ease.

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Ribbon Mixers Are Not Created Equally & PerMix Perfects Performance & Efficiency

PerMix Ribbon Mixers set the standards no other can follow. Not all ribbon mixers are not created equally. The width of the ribbon, pitch of the ribbon, and other key features in ribbon design will set our mixers apart from any other. Whether you are searching for a vertical mixer or horizontal mixer, PerMix has a model that will fit your needs today and meet the demands of tomorrow.

Here you can see how efficient & aggressive our mixers mix, all while offering a no shear effect.

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