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50 Years in Business

Ribbon Mixer Integration Made Easy With PerMix

Ribbon Mixer Integration Made Easy

Since 1954 PerMix has led the industry with our mixing solutions, setting the standards others long to follow. Our ability to combine leading innovation & performance with top-tier quality, all while maintaining an affordable price that everyone can afford has allowed us to create a customer base that smiles.

Here is our PerMix PRB Ribbon Mixer that is integrated with a pneumatic conveyor and a bulk bag filler. The stainless steel, sanitary mixer features our “stub shaft” design option which allows for easy disassembly and re-assembly of the inner agitation for maintenance if needed.

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Bulk Bag Fillers For Hazardous Areas

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Mixing & Bulk Bag Loading In Hazardous Atmospheres – Genex Nutraceuticals Relies On PerMix

Recently when Genex Nutraceuticals to needed to increase production to meet demands they relied on PerMix to build the mixers. PerMix is much more than just mixers though, we are turn-key solutions and as a result PerMix supplied a complete mixing & filling line.

Here are three Ex rated bulk bag fillers that are sanitary, wash down ready. The bulk bag fillers will fit directly under the mixer and fill three bulk bags at a time.

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Cook-Chill Tumble Chillers That Switch To Sous Vide Cookers

Switch From Tumble Chilling To Sous Vide In Seconds & Bring Versatility To The Cook-Chill Process

The days of large, bulky, unreliable tumble chillers are a thing of the past. Imagine a tumble chiller that is reliable, easy to use, AFFORDABLE, and can switch from tumble chilling to sous vide cooking in a matter of a flip of the switch. Now, stop imagining and start the experience in person. That’s right, a reliable & affordable tumble chiller is here that is performance based.

In the video you can see the tumbling action of the tumble chiller on 5kg bags of queso sauce. The sauce was made in the kettle, packaged hot, and now is being chilled. The bags then can be sent to schools.


PerMix Cook-Chill Mixers, From Feeding The Hungry To Tantalizing Taste Buds

Helping Feed The Hungry & Tantalize The Taste Buds With Our Cook-Chill Sigma Mixers

From chewing gum to pasta, breads to taffy, our cook-chill sigma mixers lead the industry in innovation & performance, setting the standards others follow.

With a size range of 1 liter to 30,000 liters, and higher if needed, our sigma mixers have what it takes to meet the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in mind.

Here is a recent stainless steel, cook-chill sigma mixer that was made for the manufacturing of a sweetened pasta. The 600 liter unit includes a double, ASME certified heating & cooling jacket, hydraulic tilt, and bulk ingredient feeding ports on the top.

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PerMix Sigma Mixers Heat Up With Our Self-Contained Sigma Mixers

PerMix, Turning Up The Heat In Our Sigma Mixers With Our Self Contained Mixers

What makes PerMix the most disruptive brand in the industry? Our ability to combine innovation, performance, & quality at an affordable price. Our sigma mixers are a perfect testimonial to this.

Our sigma mixers are truly the most advanced sigma mixers available today. One of the areas that PerMix has led the industry is our self contained PRODUCTION models. When we talk about being self contained heat sources we have two options, direct heat & indirect heat.

Direct heat means that the heating elements make contact with the bowl itself and heat up the metal, which transfers the heat to the product. While this is acceptable in some circumstances, some products will not tolerate this.

Indirect heat is where we have a jacketed bowl and the heating elements are placed inside the jacket, which also holds water or oil. The heating elements heating up the water or oil and the oil or steam (in the case of water) heat up the product, just as if there was a boiler present. This is a closed system and very efficient. As the product absorbs the BTU’s of the oil or steam, the heating elements heat the water/condensate or oil again. This form of heating is preferred by most and the most efficient and gentle way to heat.

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