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PerMix Oscillating Granulators

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Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry in Plow Mixer technology, manufacturing Vale Added Engineered products that outperform our competitors, offer the best warranty, while also guaranteeing the best price.

PerMix Oscillating Granulator Introduction

Materials are crushed gently by the PerMix series oscillating granulator, a pint size footprint machine that produces a production type punch. Oscillating granulators are also known as sway granulators, swing granulators, pendular granulators, screen granulators, rock granulators or flake crushers. The material to be crushed is strained through a screen with a horizontal rotor. The crushing movement of the rotor can take place both in an oscillating and in a rotating manner. 

All granulators are built from stainless steel and constructed to meet GMP standards. They are simple to operate and maintain, easy to clean, and designed to satisfy the stringent hygiene requirements needed for food production. They are also rugged and durable, with minimal maintenance needs, and will provide reliable operation for many years into the future.

PerMix offers customized design, such as hermetic seal , explosion-proof motor, dust collector and more…

  • In compliance with cGMP guidelines. 
  • Robust and durable.
  • Continuous oscillating stirrers drive.
  • Very compact design.
  • Simple screen holding and tensioning device.
  • Efficient and dependable.
  • Screen in different size / durable / cost effective. 
  • Castors provided for mobility.
  • Easy to operate / clean / maintain.
  • Entire working zone and stirrer can be dismantled quickly.

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