Fluidized Zone Mixers vs Ribbon Mixers

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What Make A Fluidized Zone Mixer The Wise Choice Over A Ribbon Mixer? Mixing Time & Efficiency

Ribbon mixers have been used for years when it comes to mixing powders. They are a no/low shear mixer that has been the industry standard and a “default” mixer so many have used for mixing. The issue is it is an inefficient mixer. It takes a long time to mix and uses a lot of energy and when we need production while minimizing resources, it does not make sense and takes a long time to get an ROI out of it. Fluidized Zone Mixers are the wise choice. The Fluidized Zone Mixers achieve a mixing time in 30-60 seconds, where a ribbon mixer will take 8-10 minutes, all while maintaining the no/low shear effect. Imagine doing 3-6 batches in the same time it takes a ribbon mixer to do one. Imagine the increase in production and the quick return on investment (ROI). Imagine the energy savings as well as the labor savings.

Here is a video of a Double Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer mixing & discharging. Note that after discharge, the bombay style doors also allow for a full and complete discharge of product. There is no residue left behind, another feature that is unique to the mixer over the ribbon mixer.

Come see the PerMix difference.