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Cook-Chill Tumble Chillers That Switch To Sous Vide Cookers

Switch From Tumble Chilling To Sous Vide In Seconds & Bring Versatility To The Cook-Chill Process

The days of large, bulky, unreliable tumble chillers are a thing of the past. Imagine a tumble chiller that is reliable, easy to use, AFFORDABLE, and can switch from tumble chilling to sous vide cooking in a matter of a flip of the switch. Now, stop imagining and start the experience in person. That’s right, a reliable & affordable tumble chiller is here that is performance based.

In the video you can see the tumbling action of the tumble chiller on 5kg bags of queso sauce. The sauce was made in the kettle, packaged hot, and now is being chilled. The bags then can be sent to schools.