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Cook-Chill Tumble Chillers That Switch To Sous Vide Cookers

Switch From Tumble Chilling To Sous Vide In Seconds & Bring Versatility To The Cook-Chill Process

The days of large, bulky, unreliable tumble chillers are a thing of the past. Imagine a tumble chiller that is reliable, easy to use, AFFORDABLE, and can switch from tumble chilling to sous vide cooking in a matter of a flip of the switch. Now, stop imagining and start the experience in person. That’s right, a reliable & affordable tumble chiller is here that is performance based.

In the video you can see the tumbling action of the tumble chiller on 5kg bags of queso sauce. The sauce was made in the kettle, packaged hot, and now is being chilled. The bags then can be sent to schools.


PerMix Cook Chill Kettles Help Sticker Mule Heat Up Sales Of Their Hot Sauces

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our mixing solutions. Creating the most innovative & performance-driven solutions, making us one of the most disruptive global brands.

PerMix cook-chill kettles & mixers are fully jacketed, fully insulated, kettles & mixers that are engineered to optimize heat transfer while also being easy to use and reliable. Here are two 250-gallon cook-chill kettles made for Sticker Mule in New York to make their famous hot sauce. The unit feature full side & bottom scraped surface agitation as well as one of them includes a PerMix top-mounted homogenizer. The fully jacketed & insulated vessels are ASME certified and are made from 316L due to the high acidity of the sauce.

Come see the PerMix difference

PerMix Cook & Chill Mixers Lead The Industry In Innovation, Performance, & Reliability

When It Comes To Cook &. Chill, Versatility & Ease Of Changing Batches Is Crucial To Have A Successful Cook & Chill Program

For years cook & chill has been avoided by many because of an old-school stigma that it is difficult to use and is expensive. PerMix has lead the industry with our innovation, performance, & quality since 1954, setting the standards others follow. Cook & chill is an area we accelerate in and we understand the crucial areas that make a successful system.

The ability to have a simple mixer that is easy to train staff on, with simple, integrated controls is one area we focus on. As the training of staff is important, and the ability to make it easy to use is engineered into every unit. We understand that employee retention is sometimes difficult in some industries, and making things simple creates a happy user.

The ability to changes batches quickly is also key so we engineer our mixing kettles on casters that allow users to change batches quickly. In addition, it also allows workers to prepare batches ahead of time while a batch is still being mixed & cooked. Then, when the current batch is completed mixing & cook, the mixing kettles can be changed quickly.

Chilling using other methods makes you cook & chill in one unit or cook, fill, &. chill. With the PerMix way, you can cook & mix, then remove that mixing kettle and wheel in another and start another batch quickly, while the previous batch is wheeled to a cooling area. This will optimize efficiency but also optimize SQF & HACCP protocols, ensuring batch quality & maximize shelf life, while streamlining process efficiencies.

Our cook & chill mixers also have interchangeable agitation types, allowing for the ultimate versatility. The interchangeable agitation is easy to change with our quick disconnect mountings, which also allows for ease of cleaning. Simply disconnect & change to needs, or disconnect to clean, we prove change is easy.

For more info on our versatile cook & chill systems contact us. Come see the PerMix difference.

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