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Welcome to Precision Mixing Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries

In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing, the key to success lies in precision and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art mixers are designed to meet the exacting standards of these industries, ensuring a seamless blending process that maximizes product quality and compliance. Explore the advanced features and benefits of our mixers tailored for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.


Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Manufacturing & Production

Whether you are manufacturing vaccines for the masses, cremes for the uncomfortable, or syrups to coat & soothe throats, we have the mixing solution that you need for every category, whether powder, pastes, or liquid.

Superior Mixing Technology for Unparalleled Results

Precision in Every Blend

Our mixers employ cutting-edge technology to deliver precise and uniform blending, meeting the stringent quality requirements of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production. Whether it’s powders, granules, or delicate ingredients, our mixers ensure consistency in every batch.

Compliance Assurance

With regulatory compliance at the forefront, our mixers are engineered to meet and exceed industry standards. We prioritize the safety and purity of your products, providing a reliable solution that aligns with the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing.

Key Features of Our Mixers

1. GMP-Compliant Design:

  • Our mixers adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring a sterile and hygienic environment crucial for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production.

2. Customizable Mixing Intensity:

  • Tailor the mixing intensity to your specific formulation requirements, allowing for flexibility in accommodating diverse manufacturing processes.

3. Material Traceability:

  • Our mixers are equipped with advanced tracking systems, providing comprehensive material traceability to meet regulatory documentation needs.

4. Easy Cleanability:

  • Simplify the cleaning process with user-friendly designs that reduce downtime between batches, enhancing operational efficiency.

5. Heat-Sensitive Handling:

  • Address the unique needs of heat-sensitive pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients with mixers designed to minimize heat generation during the blending process.

Applications in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

1. Tablet Manufacturing:

  • Achieve homogenous blends for tablet formulations, ensuring consistent dosage and dissolution characteristics.

2. Capsule Production:

  • Our mixers are optimized for precise blending of powders in capsule manufacturing, meeting the strict quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

3. Nutritional Supplements:

  • Blend nutraceutical ingredients with precision, maintaining the integrity of vitamins, minerals, and other sensitive components.

4. Protein Powders and Formulations:

  • Ensure even distribution of protein and other active ingredients in powdered supplements for optimal consumer experience.


PerMix Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Manufacturing & Production

Ingredient Mixing & Pre-Conditioning

Ingredient mixing & pre-conditioning is important prior to production. Whether you are mixing ingredients to speed production needs, or simply keeping stored inventory fresh, preventing settling, our mixers will do the task.

PerMix Conical Mixers

Conical Mixers

Conical Mixers are ideal for pre-conditioning ingredients of any type, including that of grains, granules, and powders.

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PerMix Drum Mixer

Drum Mixers

Drum Mixers are perfect for keeping ingredients, flavors, and additives rotated in inventory which prevents settling and ensures better batch consistency.

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Mixing & Blending

Why Choose PerMix for Your Mixing Needs?

1. Proven Track Record:

  • Benefit from our extensive experience in providing mixing solutions to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, with a track record of successful implementations.

2. Collaborative Approach:

  • We work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, offering customized solutions that align with their specific manufacturing processes.

3. Continuous Innovation:

  • Stay ahead of industry trends with our commitment to continuous innovation, providing you with the latest advancements in mixing technology.

Contact Us for Tailored Mixing Solutions

Elevate your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing processes with our precision mixers. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our mixing solutions can enhance your production efficiency and product quality.

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PerMix Paddle Mixers

Fluidized Bed, Paddle & Plow Mixers

For a quick response in mixing needs our Paddle Mixers & Plow Mixers answer the need. The ability to rapidly mixer ingredients together of different particle sizes or density is where these mixers are most useful.

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PerMix Ribbon Mixers

Ribbon Mixers

When the need to mix & blend without ingredient or product shearing, tearing, degradation, or harm, the most gentle type of mixer is our PerMix Ribbon Mixers.

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PerMix Double Planetary

Sigma Mixers & Double Planetary Mixers

When the ability to knead as well as mix, blend, and flip & fold, our Sigma Mixers as well as our Double Planetary Mixers fit this need perfectly.

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Elixirs, Syrups, & Holistic Beverages

The trends in the elixirs, syrups, & beverage industry are always changing and the ability to change with the trends results in a sustainable business model. The do so pharmaceutical & nutraceutical manufacturers must predict future trends to stay ahead of competition. To assist with this PerMix offers solutions for the industry that go beyond “the known” forecasting “the unknown”. One of the largest driving force in the industry today is the health benefits of our beverages, capitalizing on the holistic healing powers of plants

PerMix Elixirs, Syrups, & Holistic Beverages

Powder Induction & Mixing

The ability to mix, blend, homogenize, emulsify, and induce powders into liquids is demanding. Whether you are simply mixing in colors, sweeteners, or adding complex proteins into liquids, PerMix offers solutions to your needs. Whether it is a continuous flow or batch type production, we have an answer to your needs.

PerMix Emulsifier

Inline Emulsifiers & Homogenizers

Our Inline Mixers feature the ability to continuously mix or batch mix depending on your needs. Our Inline series of mixers offer the need to grow with demands as well as offer flexibility in regards to product mixing.

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PerMix Powder Induction Mixer

Powder Induction Mixers

Our Powder Induction Mixers incorporate all of our features of our Inline Mixers and add the convenience of a powder induction funnel, making adding powders in bulk an easy task.

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PerMix Shear Pump

Shear Pumps

Whether your need is to simply mix & blend powders quickly, or resize particles / molecules on a macro or micro level, our Shear Pumps have the flexibility.

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