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50 Years in Business

PerMix Powder Induction Mixers Win The Hearts Of Our Customers

Powder Induction Mixers That Win The Hearts Of Our Customers & Perform Better Than The Competition & Beat Them On Price

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry, setting the standards others follow and our PerMix Powder Induction Mixers are a testimonial of this. Our powder induction mixers take on the big brands, Ross®, Silverson®/Admix®, and others and win in regards to performance & innovation, then knock them out with our pricing.

Here is our high-shear powder induction mixer that was just rolled off our assembly line. The unit was custom built to roll up to a drum that holds the powder, fill the hopper, then close the hopper and mix into the liquid. The hopper includes a viewing port. Note that the unit can be quickly broken down to clean and maintain without the need of tools except for a wrench to remove the rotor and stator.

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Maverick Distillery Chooses PerMix Inline Emulsifiers To Create Hand Sanitizer For Canada’s Covid Fight

When Maverick Distillery was called on to help fight Covids spread in Canada and started making hand sanitizer, they chose PerMix over Ross & Silverson. Disruptive by nature, driven by perfection, PerMix met or exceeded performance of the competition while at the same time had better delivery & pricing.

The single-stage inline mixer has one set of stator/rotor system, and the number of toothed raws and density is designed according to the process, to enhance its shearing performance.

This PerMix PC-1/120K Inline Homogenizer, 4 Kw motor, 3000 Rpm ( Tip speed ~ 25M/Sec ), single stage toothed Rotor-stators, single mechanical seal, made from SS 316L

Come see the PerMix difference.


PerMix Perfects Powder Induction With Its Powder Induction Mixers

Inline Powder Induction Perfected By PerMix

PerMix has perfected inline powder induction direct from containers with its PT-C series Powder Induction Mixers. The mixers have a rotor/stator that quickly creates a Venturi effect strong enough to draw in powders into liquids and blend them quickly directly from drums, bags, & totes. Starches, spices, flavors, & sweeteners are introduced into liquids with ease. Increase production and decrease labor by drawing directly our of containers while maintaining or improving HACCP.

Come see what makes PerMix the most disruptive brand in the industry.

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PerMix Perfects Powder Mixing With Our Inline Shear Pumps, Homogenizers, & Tri-Shear Powder Mixers

PerMix Perfects Inline Powder Mixing

PerMix perfects inline powder mixing with its series of inline shear pumps, homogenizers, and Tri-Shear Mixers. No matter what the demands & requirements, PerMix has an inline mixer that fits your demands & your budget. Our performance is second to none as we have been leading the industry in innovation, performance, & quality since 1954, setting the standards others follow.

Come see the PerMix difference at or

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PerMix Inline Mixers – Making Yogurt

How do mixers help in the preparation of yogurt?

Yogurts are generally produced by fermentation of milk and by the addition of bacteria. Other ingredients include sugar, milk powder, stabilizers, etc.

Few of the difficulties faced while mixing yogurt includes: The ingredients must be added at a controlled rate to reduce agglomeration of particles. Other than that premixing increases the processing time and capital also. There are higher chances of a stabilizing agent getting agglomerated. Improper dispersion can lead to partially hydrated material building on the vessel walls and thereby decreasing the mixing efficiency.

The process to make yogurt in the mixer starts with: Addition of Milk powder and whey powder into the milk. This addition helps in the mouthfeel/texture of the yogurt. Sugar and sweeteners are added according to the requirement. After this, according to the flavor of yogurt, the specific flavor powders are added. Thickening and stabilizing agents are added. These bind free water in the milk, which helps to prevent whey separation and can be used to obtain a variety of viscosity and texture modifications.

PerMix suggests Inline Mixer to be used for such application were traditional mixer takes more time and also they are not economically feasible. So, the high-speed rotation of the rotor creates the suction which draws the liquid and powder. Due to the action of the centrifugal force, they are pushed to the periphery and they experience milling action between rotor and stator. The products exit from the stator and now with the rotation of the rotor, suction is created and fresh products are drawn in.

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