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PerMix Magnetic Mixers are a revolutionary solution in the Industry

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Author: Gonzalo Villagra

PerMix Magnetic Mixers are a revolutionary solution in the Industry

Advantages and Characteristics PerMix PM Magnetic Mixers are not just another product in the mixing industry – they are a revolutionary solution. These mixers use special magnetic driving and non-sealing technology, which sets them apart from common gear-drive agitators. This innovative approach to mixing technology is a testament to PerMix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries […]

Keys To Successful Powder Mixing

Powder mixing is both an art and a science that plays a crucial role in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, and construction. The process involves combining two or more different powders to achieve a homogeneous mixture, which is essential for the consistency and quality of the final product. Let’s explore the fundamental principles that govern […]

Powder Mixing Mastery: Quality Control & Optimization Guide

Embarking on the journey of powder mixing manufacturing requires a solid understanding of quality control and optimization techniques. In this article, we’ll explore the crucial aspects of ensuring top-notch quality in the mixes we provide to our customers. Understanding Quality Control in Powder Mixing Quality control is pivotal in powder mixing manufacturing, ensuring consistent and […]



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