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How Do Bomb Bay Doors Eliminate Product Loss & Residue?

Eliminate Product Loss & Residue During Discharge With Bomb Bay Doors Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our engineering, innovation, performance & quality. When we talk about product loss and residue, this is an issue everyone faces that is using a horizontal mixer. To minimize this PerMix already created a discharge valve […]

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What Is The Most Efficient Way For Mixing Powders & Liquids?

Plow mixers are a very efficient and effective way for mixing powders and liquids together. Its ability to offer a low shearing effect while mixing rapidly makes it a great choice by many. Need to re-size the product and eliminate lumps, bumps, & clumps? Incorporate the option choppers and achieve your goals even faster & […]

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Agglomeration: How To Make Granules Of Ingredients With Ease

Agglomeration & Granulation Made Easy & Efficient PerMix High-Speed Granulators are an easy and efficient way to take ingredients and mix them and form an agglomeration or granulation. Here is our Hardox High-Speed Granulator mixing ingredients together to form a granular product that is abrasive. Come see the PerMix difference at #permix #granulation #abrasives […]

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