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50 Years in Business

PerMix Cook-Chill Mixers, From Feeding The Hungry To Tantalizing Taste Buds

Helping Feed The Hungry & Tantalize The Taste Buds With Our Cook-Chill Sigma Mixers

From chewing gum to pasta, breads to taffy, our cook-chill sigma mixers lead the industry in innovation & performance, setting the standards others follow.

With a size range of 1 liter to 30,000 liters, and higher if needed, our sigma mixers have what it takes to meet the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in mind.

Here is a recent stainless steel, cook-chill sigma mixer that was made for the manufacturing of a sweetened pasta. The 600 liter unit includes a double, ASME certified heating & cooling jacket, hydraulic tilt, and bulk ingredient feeding ports on the top.

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PerMix Cook-Chill Fillers Lead The Industry In Innovation & Performance.


PerMix & Fuxion design and manufacture the highest quality pump fill stations in
the industry. Our Pump Fill Stations pull product from a holding vessel, fill, and seal a wide
variety of products that include dairy, bakery, cosmetics, and medical products.

The cycle is started by pressing the foot pedal, which provides a single
cycle fill. A continuous cycle is also engaged by keeping the foot pedal pressed. This enables for
faster cleaning or transferring of product at the end of a production run.
The fill station includes pneumatic flow controls to regulate cycle speed as required. It is designed for daily cleaning by wash down and in-sink cleaning methods without requiring any tools.

• Extremely accurate to within +/- .25 of 1% on homogenous products
• Contact surfaces constructed from 316L stainless steel and USDA/FDA approved materials
• Quick tool-free assembly and disassembly
• Dispensing volume adjustable via hand wheel
• Foot pedal pneumatically operated
• Stainless steel work surface with tipper tie or heat sealer closure
• Pouch holder channel
• Hot or cold product fills

PerMix Magnetic Mixers Are A Perfect Solution If You Need To Add Mixing To Any Tank Easily.

Magnetic mixers allow users to add mixing easily & quickly to any tank in a hygienic manner. The range of PerMix PM series Magnetic Mixer uses special magnetic driving and non-sealing technology, which is totally different from the common gear-drive agitators.

In a magnetic mixer, the magnetic couplings transmit the torque from the drive to the impeller by the magnet field. No direct touch of the impeller with the drive is necessary therefore no need for the conventional sealing, also they are working nearly without mechanical wear, which makes it possible that these magnetic mixers have much longer duty life with correct design and under proper working conditions. The mixing head can be equipped with several different mixing elements such as propellers or Rushton turbines.

Biotechnology and fermentation are the most advanced fields of application in process technology. For quite a long time magnetic stirrers take over a leading role in high-tech agitation. There are also demands from other industries for magnetic mixers.

-High blending capacity with low power consumption
-Highly hygienic design, easy cleaning and sterilization in the vessel by steam or hot water
-Bayonet / Tri-clamp connection for easy assembly/disassembly of the drive unit (Option)
-No sealing demand and no danger of leakage and contamination between batches
-Low shearing for shear-sensitive materials
-No wear of the mechanical parts leading to long duty life and minimum maintenance
-Ex-proof version for flammable fluid processing
-A variety of impeller types available for different applications
-Unlike top entry mixers, it allows the top to be completely sealed or closed, with no entry points, keeping airborne pathogens out.

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Gel Manufacturing: PerMix Perfects Viscous Product Discharge Of Gels From Tanks, Kettles, & Reactor Vessels

Gel manufacturing & manufacturing of other viscous products can leave manufacturers with issues discharging the final product due to its viscosity. PerMix has perfected this with our auger-type discharges that incorporate a sanitary type discharge with an auger, that discharges into a progressive cavity pump. This combination eliminates the issues commonly seen, creating frustration.  

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