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50 Years in Business

Gel Manufacturing: PerMix Perfects Viscous Product Discharge Of Gels From Tanks, Kettles, & Reactor Vessels

Gel manufacturing & manufacturing of other viscous products can leave manufacturers with issues discharging the final product due to its viscosity. PerMix has perfected this with our auger-type discharges that incorporate a sanitary type discharge with an auger, that discharges into a progressive cavity pump. This combination eliminates the issues commonly seen, creating frustration.  

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PerMix “Zero Clearance Stainless Ball Valves” – The Ultimate In Sanitary Ball Valves At Affordable Prices.

Zero Clearance Stainless Ball Valves That Eliminate Dead Space & Provide The Ultimate In Sanitary Valves.

PerMix has been leading the industry since 1954, setting the standards others follow. Our dedication to innovation & engineering is second to none and our “Zero Clearance Ball Valves” are a perfect example of this.

Our ball valves not only provide a zero clearance, eliminating dead space where product typically gets caught but in high-temperature applications, the valve can also be cooled so seals stay intact at temperatures above 325•C. In low temperatures situations, the valve can also be heated.

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PerMix Ribbon Mixers Meet The Demands Of Low Overhead/Confined Space Installation

PerMix Ribbon Mixers Solve The Solution To Pneumatic Conveying Piping

PerMix’s Engineering Team was tasked with designing a ribbon mixer that allowed a large ribbon mixer to be installed in a confined space with minimal clearances while also allowing for pneumatic conveying to be connected & have the ability to expose interior of the ribbon mixer for inspection. What the team came up with was a sliding cover that met the needs of everyone, creating a solution that was perfect.

In addition to the cover, the mixer also featured our “Stub Shaft Design” which allows for the ribbon to be mounted in a sanitary style while also allowing for the mixer to be easily removed and re-installed in under 30 minutes. Our “Stub Shaft Design” is perfect for high production areas where ease of maintenance is key.

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