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50 Years in Business

Powder Mixing With CIP & Dust Collection, PerMix Plow Mixers Lead The Industry In Innovation & Performance

PerMix has been leading the industry since 1954, setting the standards others follow. Here is another PerMix Plow Mixer that found its way to another smiling customer. The Plow Mixer is a 200 liter unit, built in all stainless steel with sanitary construction. The interior is polished and includes CIP spray balls for easy cleaning. The top of the mixer includes a dust collection filter.

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PerMix Powder Mixers – Leading The Bulk Solids, Powders, & Ingredients Sector In Mixing Innovation

PerMix Powder Mixers – Leading The Bulk Solids, Powders, & Ingredients Sector In Mixing Innovation

Whether you are a Lab/R&D facility that is mixing a 1 liter batch for SQF & QA testing, or a production line that is mixing 20,000 kgs of product, PerMix has the mixer to fit your needs. PerMix has been leading the industry in mixing solutions since 1954. Our ability to combine innovation, performance, quality, & pricing allows us to lead the industry, disrupting the way business is done, creating a sustainable business plan that is winning the hearts of our customers because it is all about our customers. We cater to everyone’s needs, not just the Fortune 500.

Our Powder Mixers, Bulk Solids, & Ingredients mixers include:
• Plow Mixers
• Paddle Mixers
• Ribbon Mixers
• Sigma Mixers & Mixer/Extruders
• Vacuum Mixers/Dryers
• Fluidzied Zone Mixers
• Vertical Mixers – Ribbon, Nauta, & Paddle
• Hybrid 3-in-1 Mixers – Paddle, Plow, & Ribbon
& more…

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The Responsibility of Manufacturing Revenue Generating Assets, or Simply Manufacturing Products. There is a Difference.

We as manufactures manufacture our products for two reasons. Either to increase our revenue or increase the customer’s revenue. There is a difference between the two and knowing the difference will empower some who choose to manufacture for the later. 

Often companies manufacture products to fulfill a market need. These companies look at market need, market strategy, market cost, then capturing market share. These companies will not look at sustainability or how quickly the customer will get an ROI (Return on Investment) from their purchase. They will offer a minimum warranty on their product while manufacturing the product the least expensive way.

Our company is a company that manufactures products focusing on sustainability. Companies that focus on sustainability get the fact that the item they are manufacturing is a “Revenue Generating Asset” to the buyer. The buyer is purchasing this product because he needs it to increase production, decrease labor costs, while increasing the quality of his product. When he chooses a product to purchase he expects a quick return on his investment so he can recover the cost of the purchase, then increase his revenue once the item is paid for. And this is exactly why we manufacture our products. 

We take it a step further though by adding one of the best warranties in the industry. Knowing that an ROI on our products takes an average of 4 to 6 months, we back our products with a 2 year warranty. Giving the customer 1.5 years of revenue generating with the asset and no worries. Returning to them the true meaning of why they purchase equipment and making them feel good about the purchase. They know for 1.5 years they will not have to worry about anything.

We choose to manufacture this way, changing the industry, hopefully, for the better. We do this for the Production Line, Chefs, Researchers, Scientists, Chocolatier, or any other customer that chooses our products over another. We do this because we get why our customers are purchasing the equipment and why they chose us. More importantly we do this because we also know what they do not expect. They do not expect a unit that breaks down. They do not expect no customer service. They do not expect to be paying for repairs 13 months after they purchased the units, eating up all their profits they are making. 

We manufacture our products for the people purchasing them, knowing what they need, expect, and do not want. They are the reason and the “sole” that drives us and this is what it means when a company gets that they manufacture a “Revenue Generating Asset” and that is the responsibility we have to our customers.

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PerMix Perfects The Hybrid Vacuum Mixer, A 3-in-1 Powerhouse.

What Is A Hybrid Mixer?

PerMix, innovative & disruptive, has perfected the hybrid mixer. A hybrid mixer is a 3-in-1 mixer that allows users to change between a plow mixer, paddle mixer, and segmented ribbon mixer, all with ease & while maintaining budget. The hybrid mixer can even be ordered with an ASME heating/cooling jacket, as well as internal vacuum, making it the perfect mixer/dryer.

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PerMix Paddle Mixers & Plow Mixers Set The Standards Others Follow For Performance, Quality, & Innovation

PerMix Paddle Mixers = Best Value, Best Value = Innovation, Performance, Quality, & Price, Backed By The Best Warranty.

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry, setting the standards others follow. PerMix’s philosophy focus on value and value to us means top-tier innovation combined with performance that is second to none. In addition, we focus on quality & price, winning the hearts of our customers worldwide. We then back it up with the best warranty in the industry, creating a sustainable brand that is disruptive by nature, driven by perfection.

Our recent build of this PerMix Paddle Mixer is a perfect example of our dedication to the above. Our Paddle Mixers are available in sizes from 5 liters to 30,000 liters and include options like heating & cooling jackets, vacuum, choppers, and more. Out of all the mixer manufacturers, PerMix features the most available models & types from them all.

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