PerMix 4-in-1 Mixer Unveiled At POWTECH – A Ribbon Mixer, Paddle Mixer, Plow Mixer, & Fluidized Zone Vacuum Mixer/Dryer In One Machine

PerMix has revolutionized mixing with a 4-in-1 vacuum mixer & dryer.  

The 4-in-1 unit allows Lab/R&D facilities to switch between 4 different styles of mixers that may potentially be in service on the production side. With the ability to switch between ribbon mixer, paddle mixer, plow mixer, and fluidized zone mixer, the system is a must have for multi-facility manufacturing of food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, and more. With the ability to mix under vacuum, as well as to heat & chill, all while being controlled by the PLC/HMI, the unit is the ultimate tool for the processing world.  

And with the data logging and recipe control, there is no guess work needed when it comes to scaling up. Save room, save utilities, and save on equipment costs by having one unit that can do everything. Only from PerMix.  

Come see the PerMix difference.

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