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PerMix Proves To Be The Choice Of Deaerators Time & Time Again For Extending Shelf Life & Food Safety

PerMix Proves To Be The Choice Of Deaerators Time & Time Again For Extending Shelf Life & Food Safety

PerMix continuous deaerators prove to be the choice of food manufacturers when it comes to extending shelf life & increasing food safety while maintaining budget. Removing air and gases are key in stopping oxidation after packaging and PerMix is leading the industry.

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The Art Of Mixing & Blending Chocolates Perfected With PerMix Paddle Mixers

The Art Of Mixing Cocoa & Chocolates Perfected By PerMix

It’s hard to resist the sweet taste of delicious chocolate. Our industrial paddle mixers answer all your needs as chocolate makers, whether you need to mix and crush the cocoa nib, prepare a ganache, a praline, or make almond paste, calisson paste, sweets, macaroons, glazes, creams etc.

We discuss in particular our Paddle Mixer which is popularly used for gentle & effective mixing of cocoa & chocolate powder with ingredients such as sugar, vitamins & minerals. Some of the products include hot cocoa mixes, powdered drinks, cake mixes, etc.

Some of the features of our Paddle Mixers are:

– It can handle a wide range of viscous liquids
– Low shearing effect which minimizes temperature fluctuations due to processing.
– The ability to have a heating & cooling jacket
– Heated discharge valves, piping, and pumps are available
– Available for continuous & batch operation.
– Lower power consumption.
– Variety of feeding options can be selected by the customers (manual, pneumatic, electric operation)
– Blades can be replaced by multi-chopper.

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PerMix “Zero Clearance Stainless Ball Valves” – The Ultimate In Sanitary Ball Valves At Affordable Prices.

Zero Clearance Stainless Ball Valves That Eliminate Dead Space & Provide The Ultimate In Sanitary Valves.

PerMix has been leading the industry since 1954, setting the standards others follow. Our dedication to innovation & engineering is second to none and our “Zero Clearance Ball Valves” are a perfect example of this.

Our ball valves not only provide a zero clearance, eliminating dead space where product typically gets caught but in high-temperature applications, the valve can also be cooled so seals stay intact at temperatures above 325•C. In low temperatures situations, the valve can also be heated.

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PerMix Dual Motion Agitation Kettles Make Ease Of Gel Manufacturing

Gels Made Easy With PerMix’s Dual Motion Agitation

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with its innovation, performance, quality, & pricing, winning the hearts of its customers worldwide. Our approach to providing solutions to customer’s needs keeps us at the forefront of the industry, while our affordability makes us disruptive compared to the competition.

Here we have our dual motion agitation kettle that was custom-engineered for a company that was manufacturing gels. The dual motion, counter-rotating, full side and bottom scraped surface agitation rapidly mixes the liquids & powders together. The center bottom discharge includes an auger that feeds a Moyno type pump that allows for easy discharge of viscous products. Although the unit does not have a heating or cooling jacket, that is an option, as is internal vacuum.

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PerMix Paddle Mixers Provide Highly Efficient Mixing With Low Shearing Effect

PerMix Paddle Mixers Lead The Industry In Innovation & Performance

PerMix PTP Paddle Mixers are an innovative design derived from the well-known Plow Mixers (or Ploughshare Mixers, Plough Mixers). The Paddle provides the same mixing performance as a Plow but requires much less power consumption. Due to the less rotation speed of the paddles, the wearing of the mixing element of the Paddle is also less than the Plows. Besides, PerMix Paddle Mixers have a better performance dealing with the viscous/sticky materials, such as slurries, which is because the plow-shaped mixing elements tend to be wrapped by the viscous materials while the paddles don’t.

Compared with the conventional Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Mixers are superior because they are able to mix the material in a more aggressive way while keeping the similar power consumption due to the fact that the uniquely designed paddles are more patched than ribbons in a Ribbon Blender and move more materials in a single turn.

The main difference between our PTP Paddle Mixer and PTS Plow Mixer is the mixing element: PTS Mixer uses the plow-shaped element, while PTP Mixer uses the paddle element. PerMix PTP Paddle Mixers can be used wherever the Plow Mixers are used, including but not limited to compounding, fine mixing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, deaerating, temperature, accelerating chemical or physical reactions, granulating, breaking down agglomerates, etc.

Both Paddle and Plow are ‘aggressive mixers’ that are well qualified for high mixture ratio processes up to 1:1,000,000, which means the single sample of 1 ppm of a batch volume can still have the right mixture of ingredients. PerMix designs the full range of paddle mixers, including the lab size (5L full) & plot size (up to 45Lfull) models for Research &

Development purpose. The small size machine is very helpful for customers when the ingredients R&D are expensive, thus helping our customer to save their limited budget at the first stage. With the good performance of the lab & pilot mixer, it is easy to scale up for a medium-size or even a bigger one.

There are various optional features such as various types of mixing elements, continuous operation, heating/ cooling jacket, feeding and discharging, Access door, construction material, drive system, extended machine bases, spray nozzle.

With some special modification, the PerMix PTP series Paddle Mixer can be used as a multi-stage process vessel eliminating the need for additional specialist equipment. It can be used as a mixer-dryer, mixer –granulator, de-aerator, reactor, and cooler.

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