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PerMix Sanitary Ribbon Mixers Make It Easy To Come Clean After Getting Dirty

Sanitary Ribbon Mixers For Bulk Bag Loading & Mixing

PerMix leads the industry with our innovation, performance, quality, & pricing. Our ability to combine these features make us the most disruptive brand in the industry since 1954.

Our ribbon mixers are one of our most popular models and here we have our sanitary ribbon mixer that is designed to quickly load and unload batches for mixing. It is engineered with a bulk bag loading inlet with a large discharge that allows us an average load and unload time of a few minutes. When we talk about batch time, batch time includes the loading and unloading of ingredients and products. The quicker the better, allowing for lower batch times, meaning more production.

And if you notice, cleaning is also a breeze with our CIP option that includes spray balls and a separate drain for the CIP system. This will allow you to connect a bulk bag filler to the mixer and allow you to keep it nice and dry while rinsing out the mixer between batches. We also have other features like our air-purge seals, hinged motor and gear drive for ease of maintenance, as well as our easy removal of the interior shaft.

Come see the PerMix difference

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PerMix…Giving Heavy Metal A New Meaning

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PerMix…Giving Heavy Metal A New Meaning

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our mixing solutions, setting the standards others long to follow. From a simple mixer to a turn-key project, PerMix innovates and engineers simply the best solutions for our customers.

Here are the Genex Nutraceuticals mixers and platforms being dry fitted prior to being bead blasted and polished. The stainless steel platform and mezzanine is 1 of 2 structures being made that hold a mixer, bag dump station with centrifugal sifter and dust collection. Below the mixers are three bulk bag fillers that allows Genex to fill three bulk bags at one time. The bulk bag fillers and all the equipment is Ex rated, a Class 1. Div. 2.

Come experience the PerMix difference and see why are customers are smiling ear to ear.

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PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixers Lead The Industry From The Lab To Production

PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixers and Extruders Built For The Lab With Production Type Features

PerMix leads the industry in innovation, performance, & quality all while maintaining a price that wins with our customers.

Here is our most recent lab sized vacuum sigma mixer and extruder. It is totally built in stainless steel and includes an ASME certified jacket that allows for heating & cooling. The internal mixing chamber is rated for vacuum.

Come see the PerMix difference and experience why our customers smile so much.

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PerMix OEM Division Hits Milestone With OEM Manufacturing For 5 Of The Top 10 Mixer Brands In The Global Market

PerMix Celebrates OEM Manufacturing For 5 Out Of The Top 10 Mixer Brands In The World.

That’s right. PerMix currently OEM manufactures for 5 out of the top 10 mixer brands in the world, which means with the PerMix brand, we make up 6 of the top 10 brands available today. That’s an awesome accomplishment and I am so proud of our teams and our brand partners. Well done everyone!!!

Come see the PerMix difference and see why PerMix is trusted to build global brands.