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High-Speed Granulators Bring Powders & Liquids Together To Form Granules

Mixing Powders & Liquids To Make Granules With Ease…PerMix Only PerMix offers top-tier engineering, innovation, performance, & quality, all at an affordable price. Innovation is great, but if it so expensive no on w can afford it, it just looks good on paper. PerMix keeps it real. Here is our PerMix High-Speed Granulator that allows […]

Fluidized Zone Mixer
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Powder Mixers: Shearing Effects Of Mixing On Powders

Powder Mixers & The Shearing Effects Of Mixing On Powders Mixing is a process used to combine multiple ingredients into a homogenous mixture. It is a common step in many industries, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The purpose of mixing is to evenly disperse the ingredients, create a homogenous mixture, and achieve desired […]