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How to Enhance Liquid-Powder Mixing – Discover Now!

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How to Enhance Liquid-Powder Mixing – Discover Now!

This article delves into adding liquids to powder blends, focusing on key points like particle coating, particle size’s impact on surface area, handling viscous liquids, high-speed chopper blades, agglomerate formation, and their advantages. It also covers factors such as batch size, dust reduction, and blender selection for liquid-powder mixing. Written by Peter R. Holman, it […]

Tilting Ribbon Mixers Chosen By Bustan Salads To Meet Growing Demand

Tilting Ribbon Mixers Designed For Making Bustan Salads When a manufacturer of Bustan Salads needed a mixer to mix ingredients and then discharge them by dumping, they chose PerMix to engineer & supply the tilting ribbon mixer. The tilting ribbon mixer is hygienic in design and tilts to discharge into a portable hopper that includes […]



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