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50 Years in Business

PerMix Double Cone Dryers Chosen By Recipharm To Meet Demands Of R&D Team

Recipharm Chooses PerMix Double Cone Dryers To Meet Demands Of R&D Team.

When the R&D team at Recipharm needed a Double Cone Dryer they chose PerMix because of our ability to combine innovation, performance, quality, & pricing, meeting their demands while still keeping a budget.

The 2 cubic foot PerMix Double Cone Dryer was a turn-key system that included a jacketed mixer that was also rated for internal vacuum. The system also included a temperature control unit and a condensing unit that was also jacketed.

Come see the PerMix difference

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PerMix Cook & Chill Mixers Lead The Industry In Innovation, Performance, & Reliability

When It Comes To Cook &. Chill, Versatility & Ease Of Changing Batches Is Crucial To Have A Successful Cook & Chill Program

For years cook & chill has been avoided by many because of an old-school stigma that it is difficult to use and is expensive. PerMix has lead the industry with our innovation, performance, & quality since 1954, setting the standards others follow. Cook & chill is an area we accelerate in and we understand the crucial areas that make a successful system.

The ability to have a simple mixer that is easy to train staff on, with simple, integrated controls is one area we focus on. As the training of staff is important, and the ability to make it easy to use is engineered into every unit. We understand that employee retention is sometimes difficult in some industries, and making things simple creates a happy user.

The ability to changes batches quickly is also key so we engineer our mixing kettles on casters that allow users to change batches quickly. In addition, it also allows workers to prepare batches ahead of time while a batch is still being mixed & cooked. Then, when the current batch is completed mixing & cook, the mixing kettles can be changed quickly.

Chilling using other methods makes you cook & chill in one unit or cook, fill, &. chill. With the PerMix way, you can cook & mix, then remove that mixing kettle and wheel in another and start another batch quickly, while the previous batch is wheeled to a cooling area. This will optimize efficiency but also optimize SQF & HACCP protocols, ensuring batch quality & maximize shelf life, while streamlining process efficiencies.

Our cook & chill mixers also have interchangeable agitation types, allowing for the ultimate versatility. The interchangeable agitation is easy to change with our quick disconnect mountings, which also allows for ease of cleaning. Simply disconnect & change to needs, or disconnect to clean, we prove change is easy.

For more info on our versatile cook & chill systems contact us. Come see the PerMix difference.

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PerMix Universal Vacuum Emulsifier

Mayonnaise, Dressings, Soups, & Sauces All In One Machine That Is Actually Affordable

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our mixing solutions, setting the standards others follow. Our PerMix Universal Vacuum Emulsifier (PVC) is an example of our ability to combine innovation, performance, quality, & affordability. The PVC series combines a center bottom rotor & stator emulsifier with a full side & bottom scraped surface agitation to create a universal tool that can cook & chill products under vacuum that gives you a machine that can create artisan type soups, sauces, dips, dressings, & mayo.

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PerMix Sigma Mixers & Extruders: Mix, Knead, Blend, & Extruder All In One Unit

PerMix Sigma Mixers/Extruders Lead The Industry In Innovation & Performance

The PerMix PSG series Sigma Mixer, which is also known as the Double ‘Z’ Arm Kneader, is used for the mixing-kneading of materials with very high viscosity (over 500,000 cps).

With its unique design of Z-shaped mixing tools installed in two semi-cylinders, the PerMix PSG series Sigma Mixer is able to provide combined functions of compressing, stretching, folding, kneading & mixing, which makes it widely used in the chemical, food, sealing compound and paint industries, among others.

The extrusion-discharge screw is located in the saddle section and runs in a cylindrical trough tangential to, and below the 2 mixing blades. During the mixing cycle, the screw moves the material within the reach of the mixing blades, thus assuring a thorough blending of all the ingredients, and, at the same time, accelerating the mixing process. At discharge time, the direction of rotation of the screw is reversed and the mixed material is extruded through suitable die openings in the side of the machine. The extrusion screw has its own separate drive so that blades and screw operate independently.

This PerMix PSGX 150, with total volume of 150 lit ( working volume ~ 90 lit ) delivered for a special Polymers manufacturer customer, was supplied with the following features: Vacuum, Double jacket for heating/cooling and more…

Come see the PerMix difference.

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PerMix Double Planetary Mixers Offer Versatility & Performance

Disruptive By Design, Driven By Perfection, PerMix Double Planetary Mixers Are Second To None

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry in mixing solutions. We are disruptive by design, driven by perfection, creating a winning solution for our customers. Our Double Planetary Mixers are second to none, including the most famous brands such as Ross®. Our mixers feature the same or better performance, the same or better quality, a better warranty, yet at half the cost.

Here is one of the newest Double Planetary Mixers we just completed for a customer. The quick disconnects of the different agitation styles allow the customer greater flexibility in regards to mixing products as the agitation types can be quickly changed with different types. This makes the Double Planetary Mixers perfect for co-packers who need a versatile machine. The quick-change product mixing tanks allow for batches to be changed quickly, making production easy. The ability to heat & chill also allows for precise control of products while also staying SQF & HACCP compliant.

In regards to being easy to clean, with the portable mixing tanks/vessels and the quick disconnect agitation, cleaning and sanitation is easy without being disruptive to the production area as the mixer can be completely cleaned in place or removed and cleaned remotely.

Come see the PerMix difference

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