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Per Mix Paddle Mixers Exceed Expectations Of Lab/R&D Facilities Allowing Them To Focus On The Unknown

Eliminate The Issue Of Mixer Cleaning In The Lab/R&D Areas, Get PerMix Paddle Mixers

When we talk about Lab/R&D areas, these areas set the standards not only for new products and researching new formulas, but they also set the standards for the procedures used in the production area. Whether you are writing SQF, HACCP, or GMP standards, the Lab/R&D area is where is tall begins.

One of the largest issues these areas face is that they are often separated from the production areas and often times have limitations set on power, water, and drainage, unlike the production area. As a result it is hard to clean mixers in these areas and often times mixers have to be removed and cleaned elsewhere. PerMix has resolved this issue with our cantilever designed mixers. Our cantilever designed mixers allow for easy access of internal cleaning by simply opening the end of the mixer. Whether it is a simple mixer or a vacuum mixer with heating & cooling, our cantilever design is available on all models and unlike competitors, we have made it affordable for everyone.

Here is a recent paddle mixer we made for one of our OEM contracts in Europe that a simple paddle mixer in sanitary construction with a chopper. The top has a simple hatch for ingredient adding and the bottom discharge is center mounted. The cantilever door opens and allows for easy and full access to the interior. Also, the agitation is removed simply for cleaning and disinfection. This is also available on our hybrid paddle mixers and our paddle mixers/dryers.

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Sanitary Paddle Mixers Engineered To Go From Concept To Production With Ease

Leading The Leaders…Sanitary Paddle Mixers Engineered For Lab/R&D Teams

From the breakthroughs and the discoveries of the Lab/R&D teams to production PerMix is there leading those who lead their company now and into the future. We know what it takes to scale-up production and what is needed to go from concept to production. PerMix makes this easy as our Lab/R&D mixers are smaller units of our production units, making duplicating processes easy.

Here are two of our paddle mixers that were recently built for the Lab/R&D areas. Our paddle design provides ultimate performance in mixing without the concern of shearing of ingredients. These two sanitary paddle mixers feature choppers should you wish to re-size or need the option to shear. Although these units do not have heating or cooling, a self-contained option of heating and cooling is available if desired. Note the casters or forklift type platform that is provided, making it easy to remove from the Lab/R&D area for cleaning and maintenance.

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PerMix Paddle Mixers Lead The Industry In Innovation, Performance, Quality, & Pricing.

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Paddle Mixers That Lead The Industry In Innovation, Performance, &. Quality.

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our mixing solutions, setting the standards others follow. Our ability to combine innovation, performance, & quality while maintaining a budget is what makes PerMix the most disruptive brand in the industry.

PerMix Paddle Mixers are just one type of mixer that PerMix engineers. From batch type to continuous, from standard to our vacuum mixers/dryers, PerMix manufactures more models and honors them with the best warranty in the industry. With capacities that range from 1 liter to 30,000 liters, we cover it all for all industries and all applications.

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Powder Mixers – To Spray Or Not To Spray, That Is The Question. The Advantages Of Using Spray Nozzles To Add Liquids Into Powders During Mixing

To Spray Or Not To Spray, That Is The Question. The Advantages Of Using Spray Nozzles To Add Liquids Into Powders During Mixing

From pharmaceuticals & foods to chemicals & cosmetics, mixing ingredients together often requires the mixing of powders & liquids. The way we add liquid into powders during the mixing process can extend the mixing process if not done correctly. Many times you will see liquids being added by simply pouring or “dripping” them into the batch. This form is adding liquids into powder mixers is not a good practice. Droplet size or particle size of the liquid has everything to do with how the powders are affected. We want the powders to absorb the liquid, not the liquid to absorb the powder. When we simply pour ar drip the liquid in, the particle size is larger than that of the powder and what happens is the powder is drawn to the liquid and forms clumps.

By reducing the particle size and reducing the surface tension of the liquid by using spray nozzles and different pressures, we can eliminate clumping and decrease the amount of time it takes powders to absorb the liquid. The size of the powder particles will suggest what type of nozzles to use and the amount of pressure needed at the pump. The higher the pressure of the pump, the more the liquid is atomized. Several different options are available.

An additional advantage of using pumps and spray nozzles to add liquids into powders is that it optimizes the efficiency of the liquids and absorption rates, allowing you to use less liquid. It will also optimize batch control and consistency, and minimize mixing & drying times if mixing & drying.

Here is a video of our PerMix Paddle Mixer with liquid additive manifold and nozzles. The unit was equipped with a dosing pump that supplied the manifold. Not that the manifold and nozzles can be broken down with no tolls by using the Tri-Clover sanitary type clamps.

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Nanotechnology In Pharmaceuticals Creates A Need For Advanced Mixing & Drying Solutions & PerMix Leads The Industry

Nanotechnology In Pharmaceuticals Creates A Need For Advanced Mixing & Drying Solutions & PerMix Leads The Industry

Advancements in nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry have opened the door to new medicines and given new life to old medicines that were inefficient. Faced with so many positive aspects offered by this technology, the pharmaceutical industry has been increasingly inserting nanotechnology in its products, based on the concept that innovation moves the world.

As nanotechnology advances the pharmaceutical industry, it also advances the engineering world. A new version of old technology needs to advance, yielding highly efficient, precise, high-performance equipment & PerMix leads in mixing solutions for the nanotech industry.

So many engineering features have been advanced to create these pharmaceuticals. From mixers with jackets that allow for superheating temperatures in some circumstances that go up to 300•C and cool down to cryo temperatures, to mixers that have internal vacuum or pressure. Liquids must be added with precise control and atomized for faster absorption rates into powders. Drying of products must be precise and in some circumstances timed or staged in levels, all while recording & charting. Also, during the drying stage, vapors of solvents, reagents, and other vapors must be recovered. Finally, discharge. Discharge of products with no product loss is crucial as the product has such a high dollar value, and the formulation is so precise, product loss is a huge concern.

PerMix leads the industry because PerMix has responded to the needs of the industry. We have met the challenges of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in vision.

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