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Fluidized Zone Mixers Answer The Needs Of South Africa’s Energy Crisis

Energy Crisis In South Africa Limits Production To 5 Hours A Day…How Is PerMix Helping?

Energy is an issue all over the world these days. The supply & demand is unbalanced and browns out & restrictions are a current problem with production, especially in South Africa where they have 5 hours of electricity per day now.

The need to increase efficiency and increase production has never been stronger. The need to shorten batch times and use less energy doing so is crucial to the ROI now more than ever. PerMix has responded in South Africa with our PFBS series Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers. Our Fluidized Zone Mixers are low/no shear high-efficiency, high-performance mixers that share the same footprint as a ribbon mixer yet use less energy and reduce batch times by up to 75%, yes 75%. They are ideal for mixing multi-density ingredients together rapidly without changing or shearing the ingredients. What once took 20 minutes to mix now takes 3-4 minutes. And installation is easy as they can be designed to fit the same footprint. Our sizes range from 25 liters to 30,000 liters.

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PerMix Fluidized Zone Mixers Cantilever Design Eliminates Confined Space Entry For Cleaning & Maintenance

Eliminate Confined Space Entry For Cleaning & Maintenance Without Increasing Floor Space With PerMix’s Cantilever Design

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our engineering, innovation, performance, & quality, all while keeping realistic pricing that is affordable by all budgets. Our cantilever design is a testimonial of that.

PerMix’s cantilever design gives users the ability to open the end of the mixer and expose the interior completely. The cantilever design allows for the interior to be exposed without the need for overhanging pillars that competitors have that doubles the floor space needed and creates overhang obstacles. This is crucial in saving space as well as creating a safer workplace environment.

By having a cantilever design, the need for confined space entry to clean and perform maintenance is eliminated. It also decreases the time needed for maintenance, cleaning, and inspection. All things that create a perfect balance needed to increase production and decrease downtime.

And PerMix did this all without adding a huge cost to the mixer. Any of our mixers can have the cantilever design added as an option without creating a huge additional cost. Something our competitors have yet to figure out.

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PerMix Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers

Replace Your Ribbon Mixers With A Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer Without Changing Your Current Layout Configuration & Increase Production With Ease

The Fluidized Zone Mixer is a high-performance mixer that is designed for rapidly mixing ingredients together with no/low shear effect. What makes these models so popular is they allow users with old, out-of-date, inefficient ribbon mixers, to replace them with ease without disrupting the current production layout.

The trough of the Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer uses the same trough of the ribbon mixer, yet incorporates the engineering & mixing features of the fluidized mixers. This allows mixing to be completed quicker, with ease, in seconds not minutes. Increasing production without the expense or time of re-designing the production area.

Here are two recently completed Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers that were recently made for a company in Missouri. These mixers we designed according to their needs, which includes that large unit, a 10,000-liter unit, to be engineered for the top of the mixer to be a structural working platform. The smaller unit is a 1,500 liter unit. Both units are designed to mix a batch in 30-90 seconds.

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PerMix Fluidized Zone Mixers Assists Whole Foods Make The Muffins

PerMix Perfects Mixing For Bakeries

PerMix Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers are perfect for rapidly mixing products together. This PFBS-200 was recently built for an artisan-type bakery that makes muffins for Whole Foods. The mixer quickly mixes the ingredients together in 30-60 seconds while be gentle enough so that the ingredients are not sheared at all. After the ingredients are mixed, the mixture then goes over to packaging and the product is shipped out where it is mixed and baked at the local stores.

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What Make A Fluidized Zone Mixer The Wise Choice Over A Ribbon Mixer? Mixing Time & Efficiency

Ribbon mixers have been used for years when it comes to mixing powders. They are a no/low shear mixer that has been the industry standard and a “default” mixer so many have used for mixing. The issue is it is an inefficient mixer. It takes a long time to mix and uses a lot of energy and when we need production while minimizing resources, it does not make sense and takes a long time to get an ROI out of it. Fluidized Zone Mixers are the wise choice. The Fluidized Zone Mixers achieve a mixing time in 30-60 seconds, where a ribbon mixer will take 8-10 minutes, all while maintaining the no/low shear effect. Imagine doing 3-6 batches in the same time it takes a ribbon mixer to do one. Imagine the increase in production and the quick return on investment (ROI). Imagine the energy savings as well as the labor savings.

Here is a video of a Double Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer mixing & discharging. Note that after discharge, the bombay style doors also allow for a full and complete discharge of product. There is no residue left behind, another feature that is unique to the mixer over the ribbon mixer.

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