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50 Years in Business

PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixers & Extruders Lead In Innovation & Performance

PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixers & Extruders disrupt the industry with the combination of innovation, performance, quality, and pricing. We are disruptive by nature and driven by perfection, keeping our customers in mind at all times, providing mixing solutions that meet the needs of today while keeping in mind the demands of tomorrow.

Here is a recent PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixer/Extruder that is sanitary in design. It has an ASME certified jacket that allows for heating & cooling. Internally, the unit is also vacuum rated and the extruder includes several die plates as well as a knife set allowing for various formulations to be mixed and extruded, keeping the unit versatile and diverse.

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PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixers Lead The Industry From The Lab To Production

PerMix Vacuum Sigma Mixers and Extruders Built For The Lab With Production Type Features

PerMix leads the industry in innovation, performance, & quality all while maintaining a price that wins with our customers.

Here is our most recent lab sized vacuum sigma mixer and extruder. It is totally built in stainless steel and includes an ASME certified jacket that allows for heating & cooling. The internal mixing chamber is rated for vacuum.

Come see the PerMix difference and experience why our customers smile so much.

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PerMix Leads The Industry In Thermal Processing Of Solids

Thermal Processing In Various Solids

The thermal process of mixing solids is a crucial part of mixing solids and no one understands this more than PerMix. The ability to heat & cool, controlling the thermal process is what sets PerMix apart from others. Our engineering team combines innovation, performance, and quality that allows PerMix to remain at the forefront of the industry. To simply heat a product is no longer accepted. You must control, record/chart, and do it in the most efficient way while also keeping/improving quality of the finished product.

 From pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals to food & beverage, from chemicals to nano-tech driven applications, PerMix manufactures mixers for all applications across all industries. We focus on the thermal process and heat transfer with precision, giving you the most models and types of mixers offered, including vacuum models that allow you to mix & extract under vacuum, while also recovering the liquids, solvents, or vapors. And with mixer temperatures that range from -150•C to 800•C, we cover it all.

 In addition to the ability to control and monitor the heat transfer, the agitation of solids is crucial. PerMix also offers more type of agitation styles than any other mixer manufacturer. From our paddle & plow mixers to our single dual and single shaft fluidized zone mixers, our mixers are engineered according to your products and needs. We even have a 3D “flip & fold” type mixing for the food industry and enrobing products while heating them. This agitation is a rising star in the industry and has seen cross-applications in other areas where the slow and delicate turning of products is needed while heating.

 Regardless of what your needs are when mixing and heating solids, PerMix has a solution for you. Come see the PerMix difference.

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Nanotechnology In Pharmaceuticals Creates A Need For Advanced Mixing & Drying Solutions & PerMix Leads The Industry

Nanotechnology In Pharmaceuticals Creates A Need For Advanced Mixing & Drying Solutions & PerMix Leads The Industry

Advancements in nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry have opened the door to new medicines and given new life to old medicines that were inefficient. Faced with so many positive aspects offered by this technology, the pharmaceutical industry has been increasingly inserting nanotechnology in its products, based on the concept that innovation moves the world.

As nanotechnology advances the pharmaceutical industry, it also advances the engineering world. A new version of old technology needs to advance, yielding highly efficient, precise, high-performance equipment & PerMix leads in mixing solutions for the nanotech industry.

So many engineering features have been advanced to create these pharmaceuticals. From mixers with jackets that allow for superheating temperatures in some circumstances that go up to 300•C and cool down to cryo temperatures, to mixers that have internal vacuum or pressure. Liquids must be added with precise control and atomized for faster absorption rates into powders. Drying of products must be precise and in some circumstances timed or staged in levels, all while recording & charting. Also, during the drying stage, vapors of solvents, reagents, and other vapors must be recovered. Finally, discharge. Discharge of products with no product loss is crucial as the product has such a high dollar value, and the formulation is so precise, product loss is a huge concern.

PerMix leads the industry because PerMix has responded to the needs of the industry. We have met the challenges of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in vision.

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PerMix Sigma Mixers Made Of Titanium Is How Manufacturers Mix Abrasives

How Do Manufacturers Mix Abrasive Powders? They Turn To Titanium Mixers & PerMix

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our mixing solutions, setting the standards others follow. Our ability to engineer & manufacture mixers with various metals is a testimonial to our flexibility, including titanium.

Recently PerMix was contacted by a customer that had a need to mix very abrasive powders with liquids and then after mixing, extrude it. PerMix custom engineered a Sigma Mixer Extruder with titanium contact parts, heating & cooling jacket, internal vacuum, & our “Quick Clean” option which allows the mixer to be totally disassembled in minutes with no tools needed, allowing for easy & quick cleaning.

Our ability to combine innovation, performance, & quality keeps our customers smiling. Come see the PerMix difference

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