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POWTECH 2023: Spotlight on Innovation

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POWTECH 2023: Spotlight on Innovation

From 26–28 September, POWTECH 2023 brought together industry leaders in processing for powder, bulk solids, fluids, and liquids. The diverse event highlighted sectors from chemicals and cosmetics to food, pharmaceuticals, and the battery segment. PerMix’s Mark at POWTECH Established in blending technology since 1954, PerMix made waves at POWTECH. The company not only showcased cutting-edge […]

🌟Revolutionize Your Mixing Experience: Introducing PerMix at Powtech 2023!🚀

🌟 Elevate Your Business on the Global Stage of Innovation 🌍 Prepare to be captivated by an unparalleled showcase of cutting-edge technology and business prowess at Powtech 2023. As the epicenter of processing and bulk solids excellence, this distinguished event brings together industry titans, forward-thinking startups, and visionary thought leaders to define the trajectory of […]



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