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50 Years in Business

PerMix Sanitary Ribbon Mixers Make Bulk Bag/Tote Loading Easy

Custom Engineered Sanitary Ribbon Mixers With Bulk Bag & Tote Loading By PerMix

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our engineering, setting the standards others follow. Disruptive by nature, driven by perfection, our mixers lead in innovation, performance, quality, & price, winning the hearts of our customers.

PerMix sanitary ribbon mixer are designed to meet the needs of today, keeping in mind the demands of tomorrow. Our ribbon mixers are available in sizes from 10 liters to 30,000 liters as standard, and larger units available upon request. Here is our PRB-3,000, a 3,000 liter capacity ribbon mixer. The unit is sanitary in construction and includes a bulk bag/tote loading option that we specified by the customer. In addition, the center bottom discharge is also designed to fill super sacks when finished mixing. The smaller bottom valve you see is a drain valve for washout drainage.

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PerMix Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers

Replace Your Ribbon Mixers With A Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer Without Changing Your Current Layout Configuration & Increase Production With Ease

The Fluidized Zone Mixer is a high-performance mixer that is designed for rapidly mixing ingredients together with no/low shear effect. What makes these models so popular is they allow users with old, out-of-date, inefficient ribbon mixers, to replace them with ease without disrupting the current production layout.

The trough of the Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer uses the same trough of the ribbon mixer, yet incorporates the engineering & mixing features of the fluidized mixers. This allows mixing to be completed quicker, with ease, in seconds not minutes. Increasing production without the expense or time of re-designing the production area.

Here are two recently completed Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers that were recently made for a company in Missouri. These mixers we designed according to their needs, which includes that large unit, a 10,000-liter unit, to be engineered for the top of the mixer to be a structural working platform. The smaller unit is a 1,500 liter unit. Both units are designed to mix a batch in 30-90 seconds.

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What Make A Fluidized Zone Mixer The Wise Choice Over A Ribbon Mixer? Mixing Time & Efficiency

Ribbon mixers have been used for years when it comes to mixing powders. They are a no/low shear mixer that has been the industry standard and a “default” mixer so many have used for mixing. The issue is it is an inefficient mixer. It takes a long time to mix and uses a lot of energy and when we need production while minimizing resources, it does not make sense and takes a long time to get an ROI out of it. Fluidized Zone Mixers are the wise choice. The Fluidized Zone Mixers achieve a mixing time in 30-60 seconds, where a ribbon mixer will take 8-10 minutes, all while maintaining the no/low shear effect. Imagine doing 3-6 batches in the same time it takes a ribbon mixer to do one. Imagine the increase in production and the quick return on investment (ROI). Imagine the energy savings as well as the labor savings.

Here is a video of a Double Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer mixing & discharging. Note that after discharge, the bombay style doors also allow for a full and complete discharge of product. There is no residue left behind, another feature that is unique to the mixer over the ribbon mixer.

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PerMix Ribbon Mixers – OEM Ribbon Mixers For Some Of The Largest Brands In The Industry

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our innovation, performance, & quality. This has led PerMix to be the largest OEM manufacturer for some of the best brands in the industry. Our OEM manufacturing side currently manufactures mixers for over 10 different popular, global brands. Why? Because when you build a brand, you need to protect the brand that you developed, and our brands know PerMix delivers confidence. Our most popular mixer we manufacture under OEM contracts are our ribbon mixers. Here are some pictures of some ribbon mixers we have made.

From pharmaceutical to food, chemical to cosmetics, we have the knowledge to manufacture mixers according to various standards on a global level. Come see the PerMix difference.

Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers Are Designed To Increase Production By Replacing Your Ribbon Mixer Without Changing Footprint Of Production Area

PerMix has been leading the industry since 1954. Our ability to combine innovation, performance, quality, &. price make us the most disruptive brand in the industry, winning the hearts & smiles of our customers.

Recently we had a customer that needed to increase their production but could not afford the increased production area. They turned to PerMix to provide these two Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers to reduce mixing times from their current ribbon mixers of 10-12 minutes to 30-60 seconds. The Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers utilize the same U-trough that the ribbon mixer does, however it provides all the advantages of a Fluidized Zone Mixer. This solution allows for a simple solution to the need to increase production and minimize installation time.

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