Conical mixers are perfect for mixing all types of powders with ease. The combination of the cone and the auger allow a slow & gentle mix of various powders. Whether it is a single screw conical mixer or a double screw conical mixer, the diversity of the mixer makes it a top choice of industrial mixers.

In addition to being versatile, the conical mixer is also easy to clean. The vertical mixer allows the industrial mixer to empty without leaving residue behind like horizontal industrial mixers do. In addition, the conical mixers can be ordered with optional side access doors that allow for maintenance & inspection access. Also, the top & auger can be ordered with a pneumatic or hydraulic lifting, which allows the unit to be inspected, cleaned, and maintained with even easier access.

Conical mixers can also be used as mixers & dryers. By adding vacuum and a jacket, the unit becomes a perfect vacuum mixer & dryer.

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