Eliminate Product Loss & Residue During Discharge With Bomb Bay Doors

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our engineering, innovation, performance & quality.

When we talk about product loss and residue, this is an issue everyone faces that is using a horizontal mixer. To minimize this PerMix already created a discharge valve that is offset at a 15• angle, which is as the center slope of the powder. This gives PerMix an advantage over others as we are the ONLY manufacturer offering this offset. The reason for this offset is because in a mixer, with the rotation of the agitation, the powders create a slope inside the mixer, if you were to stop the agitation you would see this. Where everyone else puts the valve in the center of the mixer, we put it in the center of the slope of the powder.

The other thing PerMix does to eliminate this product loss & residue even more is to offer a bomb bay type door on ALL horizontal mixers. The bomb bay type door extend the length of the bottom of the mixer and eliminate product loss & residue all together. In addition it reduces the discharge time significantly which reduces the batch time, increasing production when multiple batches are done per day.

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