Four Leaf Rover Creates Nutraceuticals For Dogs With Ease With PerMix

PerMix is known for our ability to combine our engineering, innovation, performance, and quality and offering it at an affordable price that everyone can afford. Recently Four Leaf Rover, a nutraceutical company that manufactures nutraceuticals for animals needed to move and expand their production. As a result of their needs, they contacted PerMix for help and PerMix shined above the competition and allowed them to meet their needs well below their budget.

Here is a 400 liter tank that has our top mount homogenizer on it along with a bottom mount magnetic mixer. The unit is on casters which allows them to roll it into and out of the production area when not in use. The unit also included the control panel that was pre-wired to the unit so install was easy, simply plug & play.

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