Eliminate The Issue Of Mixer Cleaning In The Lab/R&D Areas, Get PerMix Paddle Mixers

When we talk about Lab/R&D areas, these areas set the standards not only for new products and researching new formulas, but they also set the standards for the procedures used in the production area. Whether you are writing SQF, HACCP, or GMP standards, the Lab/R&D area is where is tall begins.

One of the largest issues these areas face is that they are often separated from the production areas and often times have limitations set on power, water, and drainage, unlike the production area. As a result it is hard to clean mixers in these areas and often times mixers have to be removed and cleaned elsewhere. PerMix has resolved this issue with our cantilever designed mixers. Our cantilever designed mixers allow for easy access of internal cleaning by simply opening the end of the mixer. Whether it is a simple mixer or a vacuum mixer with heating & cooling, our cantilever design is available on all models and unlike competitors, we have made it affordable for everyone.

Here is a recent paddle mixer we made for one of our OEM contracts in Europe that a simple paddle mixer in sanitary construction with a chopper. The top has a simple hatch for ingredient adding and the bottom discharge is center mounted. The cantilever door opens and allows for easy and full access to the interior. Also, the agitation is removed simply for cleaning and disinfection. This is also available on our hybrid paddle mixers and our paddle mixers/dryers.

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