We are thrilled to announce that Nitto Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry and a pioneer in advancing nano-technology, has chosen PerMix to meet their demanding needs for a Double Cone Vacuum Mixer & Dryer with Gas Purge Technology!

Nitto’s cutting-edge research and development in nano-technology required a mixer & dryer that could push the limits of engineering and technology. We at PerMix are proud to have answered this demand with our state-of-the-art Double Cone Vacuum Mixer & Dryer. Our solution not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards set by Nitto, ensuring precision, efficiency, and reliability in their production processes.

At PerMix, we are committed to providing innovative mixing and drying solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. This collaboration with Nitto underscores our dedication to excellence and our capability to deliver advanced technological solutions.

Thank you, Nitto Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, for placing your trust in PerMix. We look forward to supporting your journey in advancing nano-technology and contributing to your continued success.

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