PerMix Engineering Team Presents: Ribbon Mixers Designed For Small Spaces

PerMix has been leading the industry with our engineering & innovation since 1954. We set the standards others follow.

Recently we have been featuring our horizontal ribbon mixers, the type that is most common. PerMix also has created a vertical ribbon mixer that gives you all the standard features of a horizontal ribbon mixer, along with some added features & benefits, that make it quickly becoming one of the most popular units.

Horizontal ribbon mixers, of all brands, leave residue inside the mixing chamber upon discharge. This is typically between 5-10% of the volume mixed. The creates not only a cleaning issue but also impacts the bottom line when it comes to increasing profit margins. The vertical ribbon mixers greatly reduce this issue, using gravity along with the vertical cone design to discharge almost 100% of the product, with a residue typically of only 0.5%-1%. This not only saves cleaning time but also increases the profit margins.

Horizontal ribbon mixers also require a minimum of a 20-30% minimum fill capacity to have an efficient mixing action. This greatly effects the units flexibility when it comes to batch sizes and the ability to run small batches when needed. The vertical ribbon mixer’s minimal batch size is typically 5% of capacity, allowing it to be more flexible in production runs that are smaller, a perfect fit for co-packers.

Horizontal mixers, due to their U-shaped trough, when it comes to heating & chilling, have less surface area for proper & efficient heat transfer. Vertical ribbon mixers have a more efficient conical design that allows for a greater surface area for heat transfer, making it more efficient when it comes to heating or drying, decreasing batch times and increasing production & profits.

Horizontal mixers require a larger amount of floor space when compared to vertical ribbon mixers. This greatly benefits the end-user in several ways from allowing for smaller footprint in the processing line, which allows for the need for less real estate, saving money in regards to leasing/purchasing production area space.

These are just a couple of advantages when we compare horizontal ribbon mixers to vertical ribbon mixers, there are many more advantages not listed. For more information, contact your local PerMix office to discover the PerMix difference.

Here is an example of our PerMix PVRD Vertical Vacuum Ribbon Mixer that includes a polished interior, internal vacuum, ASME heating/cooling jacket, and inert gas injection.

For more info, go to our PerMix Ribbon Mixer page

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