Ribbon mixers are a perfect way to mix dry starches prior to making dressings.

One of the most difficult tasks in low fat and no fat mayonnaise production is switching from liquid starch to dry starch. Starch is needed in low-fat mayonnaise production as well as fat-free mayonnaise production. Typically, starch is created and steeped in a kettle for 8 to 12 hours, sometimes quicker, depending on the type of products used to make the liquid starch. Nowadays the necessity to convert over to dry starch as energy costs and production times increase, the need to decrease energy usage and lower production times to increase profit margins is necessary. As a result, many mayonnaise manufacturers have converted over to powdered starch. The starch must be mixed though prior to adding into a batch. Improper mixing can result in the batch “breaking” or not meeting SQF specifications for viscosity.

To solve this problem, PerMix created a set of ribbon mixers that we designed to mix dry starches, then dump easily an auger conveyor to load the awaiting mixing tank with water. You can also discharge by dumping into other containers or loading vessels such as buggies, bins, or totes.

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