Ribbon Mixers For Powder Mixing Perfected By PerMix

PerMix perfects powder mixing with our custom-engineered designs and this ribbon mixer is just another example of why PerMix leads the industry. PerMix combines innovation, performance, & quality in custom-engineered designs that meet the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in mind. PerMix ribbon mixers lead the industry, setting the standards others follow.

Here is our PerMix PRB-500, 500-liter, sanitary ribbon mixer that was custom engineered. It includes a polished interior and PerMix’s “stub shaft” design. Our stub shaft design gives you a sanitary interior mounting of the agitation shaft while also allowing you to maintain the mixer by allowing for complete disassembly & removal of agitation, then re-assembly with ease, in under 30 minutes.

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