Using Double Cone Mixers To Mix Powders

Mixing powders is a common process in many industries, including pharmaceutical, food, and chemical processing. As such, there is a need for efficient and reliable equipment to ensure the desired mixing results. Double Cone Mixers are one option that can be used to effectively mix powders.

Double Cone Mixers are named for their shape, which is formed from two cones that have been placed back-to-back and connected at their apex. The mixers are designed to provide a homogeneous mixture of powders, and can be used for both dry and wet mixing applications.

Advantages of Using Double Cone Mixers

Double Cone Mixers offer a number of advantages for the mixing of powders, including:

  • High Efficiency. Double Cone Mixers are designed to achieve a thorough and even mixing of powders in a short amount of time, making them highly efficient.
  • Low Maintenance. The design of the Double Cone Mixer simplifies maintenance, as it does not require any additional components or attachments. This makes it easy to clean and maintain, while also reducing the risk of breakdowns or repairs.
  • Reliability. Double Cone Mixers are designed to provide reliable and consistent results. This makes them ideal for long-term production runs, where quality and consistency are essential.
  • Low Cost. Double Cone Mixers are relatively low cost, making them an economical choice for many applications.

How Double Cone Mixers Work

Double Cone Mixers operate by rotating the two cones in opposite directions. This creates a tumbling motion that ensures an even mixing of the powders, while also allowing for the introduction of additional ingredients or materials. The mixers can be used for both wet and dry applications, with the choice of either a continuous or batch mixing process.


Double Cone Mixers are a reliable and efficient option for mixing powders, with a number of advantages that make them ideal for many applications. The mixers can be used for both wet and dry mixing, with the choice of either a continuous or batch process. As such, Double Cone Mixers are an excellent choice for many powder mixing applications.