Vacuum plow mixers & dryers that were designed to offer simply the ultimate in mixing & drying of powders for the nanotech industry. What is special about the nanotech industry? Often times, just because of the very nature of nanotech, mixers & dryers must be designed for extreme conditions. From extreme temperatures, rather from a cryogenic state to a super heated state, to changing from vacuum to pressure.

PerMix takes our vacuum plow mixers & dryers and integrates systems into them that allow them to lead the industry when it comes to nanotech. Here is our most recent vacuum plow mixer & dryer that is ExP rated, as well as has heating & cooling, vacuum & pressure, as well as is portable and optimized for the Lab/R&D. This 5 liter plow mixer was custom engineered to meet the demands of a company that needed two units, one for production and one for R&D. We all know everything starts in R&D then goes to production and no one does scale-up easier than PerMix.

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