Validations Made Easy With PerMix 4-in-1 Hybrid Mixers

Change is hard in the manufacturing industry as the need to update and validate new process technology is a pain staking task that takes a large amount of time as well as a large financial commitment. It is not as simple as just taking a mixer or other piece of equipment and changing it out. Everything that is currently in place and running has been proven and validated and properly assessing the changes wanted, as well as validating them is hard to do. That is until now.

PerMix has changed the way R&D teams validate their manufacturing process. We have create a hybrid mixer that allows you to choose from a standard mixer, a heated & cooled mixer, or a mixer that has the ability to operate under pressure or vacuum. In addition to have the ability to choose operation mode, we also give you the ability to choose between 4 different mixing types of agitation. Choose from a ribbon mixer, plow mixer, paddle mixer, or a single shaft fluidized zone mixer. No longer do you need to purchase 4 mixers because you have 4 types of agitation.

This streamlines the validation process and means that processing line changes can be easily tested and validated. Imagine, just loading the mixer according to the current process and then programming in the current, already validated parameters. Turn the mixer on and watch the mixer mix according to the existing protocol. Then once the PLC/HMI panel has recorded all the steps, imagine switching agitation types, maybe one that would allow you to certify as a LEAN manufacturing, and recording all the data points in the new process mixer. Now you can compare side by side the characteristics and the way each batch reacts to the current protocols as well as the future, making validation of new procedures easy.

In addition if you want to validate the need for pressure or vacuum mixing/drying compared to your current process, just run the current process under your current validated procedure and the PLC/HMI will record the data. Then after, simply program the new process that needs validating with pressure or vacuum, and compare the two. There is nothing like a real-time comparison of the two processes, all with only spending the money for one mixer.

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