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Prepare to be captivated by an unparalleled showcase of cutting-edge technology and business prowess at Powtech 2023. As the epicenter of processing and bulk solids excellence, this distinguished event brings together industry titans, forward-thinking startups, and visionary thought leaders to define the trajectory of powders, granules, fluids, and more. At the heart of this transformative convergence lies PerMix, your definitive partner for advancing your business with state-of-the-art mixing solutions.

🚀 Why PerMix Must Feature Prominently at Powtech 2023:

🌐 Global Reach: Position your business for international recognition. Powtech 2023 grants you unparalleled access to an expansive global audience, charting a direct course to the heart of the European market.

📈 Unveil Business Transformations: Redefine the status quo and assert your market leadership. PerMix boasts an illustrious history of innovation, trailblazing solutions since its establishment in 1954. Powtech 2023 provides the ideal forum to unveil your latest breakthroughs, captivating industry decision-makers and key stakeholders.

🤝 Network for Success: Forge potent alliances amid a congregation of industry magnates. Engage in strategic dialogues, dissect emerging trends, and glean insights from seasoned experts. PerMix doesn’t just participate; it catalyzes meaningful connections that fuel transformative business collaborations.

🔮 In-depth Insights: Immerse your business in the wellspring of knowledge. Participate in expert forums, commanding attention through ‘Stage Talks,’ where your brand’s expertise takes center stage. Elevate your business with presentations that underscore your mastery of key industry themes.

📚 Harnessing Wisdom: Powtech 2023 transcends being a mere trade fair; it’s a veritable repository of business wisdom. Engage with Powtech Virtual Talks, a treasure trove of insights delving into critical aspects such as sustainability, process optimization, and the cutting-edge realm of Industry 4.0.

📊 Align Your Business with PerMix at Powtech 2023, where tradition seamlessly merges with disruption. Our legacy as pioneers in blending technology, engineering precision, and unwavering quality positions us as transformative partners for your business. Witness the evolution of mixing excellence.

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🗓️ Event Dates: 26-28 September 2023

🏢 Venue: Nuremberg, Germany

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🎯 Ignite the transformation. Embrace innovation. Be a part of PerMix’s delegation at Powtech 2023. Unleash the potential that lies ahead for your business.

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