Ribbon Mixers: Going Vertical Saves Space In Lab/R&D Facilities

When you have a need to mix so your team can set the standards your production teams follow, going vertical saves floor space while meets the needs for mixing. Issues that face all Lab/R&D facilities are utilities, floor space, & drainage. PerMix solves ALL these with our vertical ribbon mixers, which can be mounted on portable stands. Now you can create production-type runs in the lab while making portability a feature that allows for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Just wheel the unit out of the lab & clean & maintain it. No worries about cleaning and no floor drains, no worries about maintenance & working in a small space, no using commercial grade equipment than is different than production.

Here is our most recent Vertical Vacuum Ribbon Mixer mounted an on elevated sanitary portable stand which allows for emptying into containers.

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