Vacuum Ribbon Mixers & Dryers For High Temperature Lab Mixing

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our innovative & performance-based mixing solutions that are affordable & our vertical vacuum ribbon mixers are a perfect example of this. Our vertical vacuum ribbon mixers & dryers are ideal for Lab/R&D applications as well as high production areas.

This vertical vacuum ribbon mixer was designed for mixing metal powders under high temperatures. It has high pressure, ASME certified jacket, and the interior is vacuum rated. The jacket is rated for heating & cooling, and is designed to use oil at 325•C to heat the mixer. The system was designed to be connected to a thermal control unit that is using synthetic oil to heat. Because of the high temperatures, the seals are being cooled by a cooling circulation pump also, to ensure proper vacuum is maintained during the processing of the metal powders. The interior is polished to minimize residue upon discharge of products. It was also designed with gas purging.

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