Energy Crisis In South Africa Limits Production To 5 Hours A Day…How Is PerMix Helping?

Energy is an issue all over the world these days. The supply & demand is unbalanced and browns out & restrictions are a current problem with production, especially in South Africa where they have 5 hours of electricity per day now.

The need to increase efficiency and increase production has never been stronger. The need to shorten batch times and use less energy doing so is crucial to the ROI now more than ever. PerMix has responded in South Africa with our PFBS series Single Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixers. Our Fluidized Zone Mixers are low/no shear high-efficiency, high-performance mixers that share the same footprint as a ribbon mixer yet use less energy and reduce batch times by up to 75%, yes 75%. They are ideal for mixing multi-density ingredients together rapidly without changing or shearing the ingredients. What once took 20 minutes to mix now takes 3-4 minutes. And installation is easy as they can be designed to fit the same footprint. Our sizes range from 25 liters to 30,000 liters.

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