Paddle Mixers with ATEX Certifification For Hazardous Atmospheres Made Affordable By PerMix

Working in a hazardous area is hard enough work, it doesn’t have to be hard on the pocket book also. PerMix leads the industry with our engineering, innovation, performance, quality, & pricing. Our ability to manufacture according to the needs of our customers at an affordable price includes manufacturing according to all the certifications needed whether it is ASME, UL, CSA, CRN, ATEX, ExP, and even A3, all at a realistic price everyone can afford.

Here is our most recent ATEX certified paddle mixer that was made for a customer. The ATEX certified mixer is a 750 liter, 25ft3, in capacity and is engineered to be hygienic and made of stainless steel. It includes interior thermowells to monitor temperature of product.

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