PerMix Jacketed Paddle Mixers Help Plantae Labs Expand Production Of Natural Plant Based Pesticides & Fertilizers With PerMix

When Plantae Labs, a natural and organic manufacturer of plant based pesticides & fertilizers needed to expand production to meet the demands of customers, they chose PerMix to provide the necessary integrated solution they needed to meet the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow in mind.

The jacketed paddle mixer, 6,000 liter mixer, features stainless steel construction that is wash-down ready. It is fully jacketed and insulated and features solutions for loading of products as well as discharge of products. The system included a two tank/kettle mixing system that mixes ingredients together then sprayed them into the mixer as the powders were mixing and heating. Other integrated features included load cells for accurate loading of ingredients. The entire system is ExP rated as it is a hazardous atmosphere. The entire system as pictured was under $300,000.

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