Powder mixers engineered for the mixing of protein powders & additives to optimize efficiency in LEAN manufacturing facilities.

When it comes to mixing nutraceuticals such as protein powders, the main issue facing production teams is that there are several different densities that need to be mixed together. This play an important part in batch times and LEAN manufacturing. If your batch times are extended, LEAN manufacturing is an issue. To minimize batch times there are several areas that need to be addressed such as loading, mixing, and unloading.

We will discuss mixing in this blog. When we look at a typical ribbon mixer, the mixing takes place below the shaft and the ribbon directs the ingredients from the left and right into the center. This is a slow process as the product weight plays a crucial role in mixing times as it mixes below the shaft. If we change to a fluidized zone mixer, the mixing is actually performed above the shaft, in the air. The paddles creates a fluidized zone for material as the paddles take ahold of the powders and flings them into the air, breaking gravity so to speak and mixing them quickly & efficiently because density no longer plays a part in mixing. This makes LEAN manufacturing simple and easy with out fluidized zone mixers.

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