Ribbon Mixer vs Fluidized Zone Mixer, Which Is Right For Me?

In The Processing World, Ribbon Mixers Are As Out Dated As Bag Phones. Stop Losing Money To An Inefficient Mixer That Sucks Up Energy Like A Teenager With A Big Gulp & Increase Production With Ease.

Yes, that is correct, ribbon mixers are outdated and consume electricity. If you want to save energy and increase production using less labor, Fluidized Zone Mixers is what you want in your production area. A Flsuidized Zone Mixer is an efficient, high production, low shearing mixer that allows products of different densities to be mixed rapidly using very low energy. These mixers are available in a dual paddle or a single paddle version and in capacities from 20 liters to 30,000 liters. When compared to a ribbon mixer, they will mix the same product in half the time or less and use 1/3 of the energy.

So, if you are looking for a quick ROI, save energy & labor and increase production with a Fluidized Zone Mixer from PerMix.

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